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Resources for People in Financial Crisis

I often hear from people who are in real financial need who want to know if they can make enough money taking surveys to help them through their current crisis. While taking surveys can help in gradual ways (like providing some extra funds to whittle away at credit card debt) it isn't a good way to earn a lot of money quickly. For one, the amounts you make on a monthly basis are fairly modest (I usually make $10 - 20 a month taking surveys, and another $50 - $80 a month referring others through my website). Secondly, many sites have a minimum that you need to earn before you can "cash out" and receive your payment, so you might not be able to get all your earnings right away.

For those who are struggling financially I recommend the following resources:

Crown Financial Ministries is a non-profit, Christian organization that can set you up with a trained volunteer Money Map Coach who can help you develop a personal spending plan, apply Biblical principles of stewardship, build a plan to get out of debt, and advise you on other financial issues and problems you are facing.

Modest Need is a charity which offers small grants to individuals who are otherwise self-sufficient and living above the poverty line, but who are facing a one-time emergency financial need that they can not afford. They also provide grants to help willing but temporarily unemployed individuals get things they need to return to work, and help permanently disabled persons with one-time expenses that their retirement income or their permanent disability income will not cover. You can learn more about applying for a Modest Needs Grant HERE.

Financial Recovery from Catastropic Illness - This article has information about the steps you need to take to recover financially from medical bills left after an illness.

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