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Nov/Dec 2000: The Illusion of Success. A comparision of three poems dealing with "success".

Jan 2001: A Winter's Frost. A look at Frost's poetry dealing with winter.

Feb 2001: Poetry of Love. Romantic poetry.

March 2001: Cry to a Silent Heaven. Poetry dealing with times we feel far from God, or separated from his presence.

April 2001: Poetry of Easter. Poetry about the life, death, and ressurection of Jesus.

May 2001: Poetry Springs Forth. Poetry about spring.

June 2001: Poetry After the Vows. Poetry about about marriage, for better or for worse.

July 2001: Poetry Under the Mast. Nautical Poetry

August 2001: Poetry in Summer

September 2001: Poetry of Autumn

Special Theme: Poetry in Times Like These. Poetry relating to the September 11th bombing of the World Trade Center.

October 2001: Death, the Great Pretender

December 2001: Carols: The Poetry of Christmas


January 2002: A Look Back at Modern Poems. Contemporary Poems from Poetry Deep submissions in 2001.

February 2002: Wings of Love

March 2002: Raindrops of Poetry

April 2002: The Cruelty of April

May 2002: Poetry on Poetry

June 2002: Poetry of Roses

August 2002: Ocean Poetry

September 2002: Remembering September

October 2002: Fog and Mist

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