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THE SEV FILES. The X-files are strange...A parody on the X-files where characters Federal Imperial Agents Scurvy and Mouldy research a "strange disapearance" of the body of a certain first century religious leader? This can only get weirder.

Mike the Headless Chicken. In 1945 a chicken, looking scrumptously like dinner, had it's head cut off...then ruffled it's feathers and went on living for another two years. Weird? Oh, it gets better. Today Fruita, Colorado, the town where this event took place, celebrates this oddity with a yearly "Mike The Headless Chicken" festival and has a sculture on Main Street commemorating this headless foul.

Ballydowse. Celtic Christian Punk...thats all I've got to say

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Committed . A comic thats a cross between familiy circle and the far side.

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