The following is a listing of the various linkware pages where I found the grapics which decorate my web sites.

. Almost anything Celtic you find on my pages will be from here. It is the best site for Celtic graphics I've found. I have used graphics from this page on Windhaven, The Haven, and the DBU Speak.
Go To Realm
      Graphics Site where I found the backgound on "Questions about Spanking","From the Depths of the Duck-pond", and my Substituting page are from Realm.
Animation Library One of the more organized and complete sites I've found. The "new" signs on Windhaven are from this site.
This site is all various fire related graphics. I got the Campfire gif on The Story Fire off of this site.
Other... Unfortunatley, I don't remember where I got all of the other graphics on my page. When I locate the sources for them I will add them to this list.