It's midnight. A light mist whispers through Windhaven Glen like a hush, making the air moist with the smell of pine-needles and cedar. Down the path a noise is heard--a scraping much too loud to be a fox and too careless for a deer. The footsteps move down towards the center of the glen, and another noise breaks the night: the sound of a match striking.
Now, a small circle of light has broken through the darkness, and others can be heard coming down the path. One by one they gather round the fire. They are story-tellers. Around the flame they weave their tales, each one adding to the others story.

Will you join them?

Welcome to the Story Fire at Windhaven Glen: a place for continuing stories. Come, sit by the fire and listen as the storytellers weave their tales, or, join them--add a thread to their ever growing tapestry of words!

Story #1: When the Sky Fell

Part One: Meteor Shower
Part Two: Electricity Crash
Part Three: Blackout
Part Four: Class Dismissed
Part Five: The Experiment
Part Six: No Explaination
Part Seven: Out of Breath
Part Eight: Anthrax

Day 2-Part 1: Oak Creek
Part 2: Amidst the Wreckage

Submission tips, character sketch and story summary..

Story #2: A Winter Fire
The author did not intend this to be a continuing story when she submitted it, so no additions on this one. Decided to post it here anyways. Great short story. Enjoy!

Story #3: Tereset Trouble

Part 1: The Collision
Part 2: Trouble in the Engine Room

Story #4: Revelations

Part 1: New Morpheus

Submission Guidelines

The Story Fire was reviewed in EasyWriter.Com, along with various other interactive story sites, and recieved 4 stars, the highest rating!!!.
Other Sites Where Storyteller's Gather

The Story Chest
Story Fate

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