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The following are sites where you can click to make a free donation. How it usually works is that when you click it takes you to a place listing several ads, and advertisers on the site pay for how many views the ad receives. You don't have to pay anything or buy anything, and all the proceeds are donated to charity. I have links to all such sites which I'm aware of, listed by category below.

Sites incorporating more than one cause.
Programs which are part of these portals are
marked with a asteric (*) in the categories below.

Care 2

The Hunger Site ( Literacy, Enviroment, Pets etc)


*The Hunger Site

*Care 2 - Help Children

Kraft Mac Donation

Solve Poverty

Hungry Children

Hunger Fighters

Pajacyk (Polish)

Free Rice
(earn donations by playing a fun game)

Medical Care and Research

*The Child Health Site

*The Breast Cancer Site

*Care 2 - Prevent Breast Cancer

Give a Minute - Supports Tarahumara Children's Hospital

Stop HIV Site

The Environment/Wildlife

*Care 2 - Stop Global Warming

*Care 2 - Save the Rainforest, Marine Wetland, and American Prairie

*Care 2 - Save Baby Seals

*Care 2 - Save Our Oceans

*Care 2 - Save the Big Cats

*Care 2 - Save the Primates

*The Rainforest Site

Red Jelly Fish

The Ecology Fund

Race for the Rainforest

Land Care Niagara

The Environment Site

Oaks of the World

Die Waldseite (not in English)

Pets/Shelters/Animal Welfare

*Care 2 - Pets

*The Animal Rescue Site


*Care 2 - Stop Violence

*The Literacy Site

The Bible Site

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