Relationships at DBU

"I saw Josh and Diane walking across campus together. Are they dating?"
-Taken from an actual conversation in Williams Lobby, Spring of 1999. Names are changed to protect the innocent. And yes, the speaker was serious.

"Everyone gets married so fast at DBU. Diary of a DBU Freshman...week one: move into dorms see really cute guy...week two: start dating really cute guy...week three: get engaged to really cute guy...week four: get married and move off campus."
-Kara Griffis on courtship at DBU

"No, I will not make out with you. This is chapel!!!!"
-Heather Frye, shouted in the middle of a chapel service, 1996.

Humor and Deep Thoughts

"One of these days God's gonna strike one of these guys by lightning, and I wanna see it."
-Robin shields, on why she watches televagelists. 1999.

"I like the kind of mashed potatoes you can sculpt...not becuase I like to sculpt mashed potatoes. That's just the consistency I like to eat."
-Elizabeth Harvey, 1999

"A pink flamingo in a box."
-Russle Hamadi's definition of Nihilism, 1999.

American Culture

"Amereicans are two things: lazy and violent. We won't even get out of our cars to shoot someone."


"Truth doesn't need your belief."
-Robin Shields (2000)


"Your classroom is not to be used as a pulpit, and yet you can be a Christian in your classroom."
-Rodney Duncan, on teaching in the Public Schools. 1995

"We felt it was unconscionable to say that we were teaching literature and not teach what is universally recognized, along with the works of Shakespeare, as one of the greatest works of literature."
-Rodney Duncan, on why the Bible was made a part of the curriculum at the public school where he teaches. 1995

For more quotes see Stillisms , a collection of quotes from Dr. Todd Still I collected while taking James and Jude.

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